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Join us in our January 2020 contest!! 

New clients are eligible to purchase our surVIVE package, which includes 12 semi-private sessions, 2 Styku 3D body scans, a shirt, 1 VIVE Magnesium supplement bottle, and a tracker/recipe booklet. 

The female and male winners will receive a $150 Lululemon gift card!!

Winners will be determined by the biggest body composition change. The Styku scans will be able to calculate and show the changes between body fat loss and muscle gain. 


For more information email and book your first complimentary session.

We're disrupting the heavily emphasized aesthetic focal point in the fitness industry 

By implementing a system that involves foundational movement and performance benchmarks accompanied by an intelligent and systematic method of measuring performance progress, we’ve created a workout that no longer focuses on aesthetics, but rather aesthetics become a by-product of performance.

Jon Headshot.jpg

Jon McDowell

Texas native, Jon graduated from University of Texas at Arlington and has been an elite trainer for over eight years. He is accredited through USAW, USATF LV1, ISSA, and holds his Nutrition Consultant and Fascial Stretch Therapist Certification. Currently, he’s one of the only trainers in Dallas Certified in Bioprint and Biosignature analysis.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.35.28

Brock Travis

Brock has over eleven years of Personal Training experience and holds certifications from NASM OPT, Cooper Training Institute, Kettlebell America, LVL 1, EXOS Performance Specialist, and Precise Nutrition. Over the years, he has worked in corporate gyms, helping them open and operate, until deciding to open VIVE with Jon McDowell in 2016.

Kevin Headshot.jpg

Kevin Kinner

Kevin is a former collegiate level athlete, and studied at Lubbock Christian University! He also studied Exercise, Sports and Sciences at Texas Tech University where he was first introduced to the world of training as a Recreation Center personal trainer at the university! Accredited through Action Personal Training, he has trained at Gold’s Gym in Lubbock TX, and at Texas Family Fitness in Plano TX! Kevin has been part of the VIVE family since 2017 and has over 10 years of total training experience.

Brittany Headshot.jpg

Brittany Malone

Brittany graduated with her Master's Degree in Exercise Science from Oakland University. She has been in the fitness industry since 2014 gaining experience in cardiac rehab, sports performance, and personal training. She holds certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Metabolic Analytics Practitioner, and YPSI Licensed Trainer.  

Taylor Headshot.jpg

Taylor Roberts

Taylor is passionate about helping his clients as a Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist, Action NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Trainer with an additional KILO Strength Society Program Design Certification, FMT Blades/FMT Blades Advanced Practitioner, LifeStretch Certified Instructor, and a Certified Metabolic Analyst (ICANS). He is a coach whose purpose and passion is to help his clients achieve their goals and lead an optimal life at any age or stage of their fitness journey. 

Brandon Headshot.jpg

Brandon Sims

Brandon is a seasoned trainer, serving as a NASM Certified Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Brandon’s multiple field related certifications include, but are not limited to, Precision Nutrition: Level 1 Nutrition Coach (Pn1) and Strength Sensei: Metabolic Analytic Practitioner. It is Brandon's desire to passionately inspire all athletes alike to own the will from within and to achieve their highest level of performance. 


Phil Grau

Phil earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Tyler while excelling at collegiate baseball.  Post college, he played professional baseball for 3 seasons in the minor leagues. Phil has been an accredited Strength Coach through the Cooper Institute since 2005 and is also certified as a Metabolic Analytics, and Gua Sha Practitioner.  He’s an avid student of continual education and holds certifications with Precision Nutrition, Kettlebell Athletics RCK Lvl 2, Pre/Post Natal, FMS Lvl2, Progressive Bodyweight Systems, Sleep Coaching, Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals, Strength Sensei (Biomechanical & Structural Balance, Mastery of Program Design, Neural Based Program Design, Kinetic Chain Enhancement, and Art of Scientific Strength Coaching for Sports. 

Kip Headshot.jpg

Kip Ledbetter

Kip graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He served as a Sports Performance Coach at Texas Tech for 5 years,  then served at Southern Methodist University for 5 years. Kip focuses on Functional Training, Corrective Exercise and Body Recovery as modalities for reducing and eliminating pain for his clients as well as rehabilitation of injuries. Kip has certifications as a Sports Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Trigger Point Therapy, Ashiatsu, and Fascial Stretch Specialist.

What we offer
Private training.jpeg

If you are seeking a more private and customized training experience, one-on-one sessions are for you. With this tailored program, you will receive an extensive one hour personal assessment to examine your lifestyle and behaviors while setting performance goals. After the initial session, continue your success with customized workouts and diet plans provided by your personal trainer.

Standard Rate | $120 per hour

Private Training


Before beginning your training, meet with one of our trainers for an hour and a half assessment that dives into how your body manages, sleep patterns, support systems, exercise history and more. Use Athos Gear, the latest in wearable training technology, to measure your efforts in real time and learn how to better optimize your performance. We'll pinpoint your movement patterns and deviations to prioritize and prevent any onset of exercise induced injury and reestablish natural human movement through all ranges of motion. Complement your training with a nutrition plan tailored just for you. 

Standard Rate | $180 per hour

Elite Training

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.36.20

FST is a form of stretching that involves constant motion, just like the human body. Our bodies thrive while moving and this therapy addresses these movements through gentle traction that grants clients access to limited or unused ranges of motion. Fascial Stretch Therapy can reduce or eliminate back pain, prevents injuries, enhances performance, improves posture, and reduces overall soreness.

Standard Rate | $120 per hour or $60 per half hour

Fascial Stretch Therapy


Start Working With Your Genes Instead Of Against Them

MyOrigin DNA tests analyze your unique DNA testing results and gives you a personalized, scientific, and easy to understand health action plan that will help make the right choices for your lifestyle.


Standard Rate | $160 for First DNA Test Kit; each additional panel can be added on for $50 each

DNA Testing


An effective and popular alternative to private training, this option provides personalized coaching during workouts in groups of two-four people. Before you begin your session, meet with you personal trainer for a thirty minute personal assessment to examine your lifestyle and behaviors while setting performance goals. Some individuals find more benefit in their training through the built-in support system that the group atmosphere provides.

Standard Rate | $60 per hour

Semi-Private Training

Tricep dip.JPG

BioPrint body fat analysis is a breakthrough method of testing that tells us why the body regionally deposits body fat in various locations around the body. This analysis coupled with a comprehensive assessment of lifestyle factors will help us determine the current state of your body and which goals to set. You'll walk away with an individualized plan aimed at optimizing your body's genetic makeup and hormone levels with the most specific nutritional strategy available today.

Standard Rate | $150 per hour

Bioprint + Nutrition Analysis

Scholastic .JPG

Fundamental movements and weight training program designed for youth athletes ages sixth grade and up. Learning weight lifting safety and techniques used to improve speed, agility, and strength to make them better athletes in all sports.

Standard Rate | $40 per hour (Package pricing available)

Scholastic Training

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.34.36

3D body scanning makes visualizing progress simple. Extract measurements, body composition, body fat percentage, and more to highlight physical changes and/or to set goals


Standard Rate | $100 per scan | $25 per re-scan

STYKU 3D Body Scan

The Studio

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